Hickory and Oak Sawmill and Lumber Company.

Phone: 1-269-436-0039

About Hickory & Oak

Hickory & Oak Custom Sawmilling, LLC was started in 2003 when a few trees blew down on my property. I was going to hire a portable sawmill to come cut them up but I then got the idea of buying my own mill. I obtained my first mill that year and fell in love with the whole process. There is something inherently cool about taking a raw log and ending up with a finished project.

I have always loved the woods since I was a kid when I used to play on my grandfather’s farm. He used to walk through the forest with me pointing out all the trees and telling me their names. This fostered in me a great love and respect for the Northern hardwood forest. I have taken many seminars and classes in forestry and sawmilling and kiln drying and continue to learn every day.

Our business has expanded from just cutting logs to kiln drying, lumber sales, and woodworkers services. Thank you for taking a look. If you have any questions at all please call or contact us on line.

Meet the staff


Steve Van Osdol owner and founder
Grew up in Indiana and after a stint in the Navy settled in southwest Michigan. I have studied and practiced the art of sawmilling, forestry and hardwood lumber for many years.


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Hana Van Osdol co-owner and book keeper
Registered X-ray Technologist and Mammographer, Hana helps with the book keeping and sometimes makes deliveries.


Roger Shugars woodworker and general right hand man
Grew up here in Southwest Michigan and has lots of farm/agricultural experience. Roger is an apprentice sawyer and all around helping hand